Metal Detector Accessories


Metal detecting is a rewarding and enjoyable  hobby. From discovering old coins buried in your yard to prospecting for lost treasures along the beach. The thrill of the hunt can be addictive.

Knowing what metal detector to purchase will depend on your budget as well as the area in which you live. Different metal detectors are built for certain situations and treasures.

By checking out metal detector reviews you will be able to figure out the best metal detector for you.

Dex Fit Gloves

Breathable and cool, these gloves will to protect your hands all day. Get no nasty cuts or surprises.

Easy Swing Harness

Evenly distributes weight from your shoulder, so you can swing all day with ease.

Metal Detecting Bible

Expert tips and insider secrets to finding the best hauls.


Garett Beginners Pack

Waterproof pinpoint metal detector, edge digger and carry pouch to store all your finds.

Sand Scoop

National Geographic sand scoop for metal detecting.


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