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Metal Detecting The Greatest Hobby On Earth!

No matter if you are an avid treasure hunter or just new to metal detecting we can provide you with the top metal detector reviews, the latest information and the best tips on how to make your hunt enjoyable as well as successful.

Metal detecting is a wonderful hobby that has many benefits other than finding treasures which include exercise, networking and socialization. Getting outside allows you to enjoy nature which is known to relieve stress and fight depression.

Men, women and children of all ages enjoy metal detecting. A great thing about the hobby is that you can stay at home and hunt, go to your local park or you visit interesting locations and enjoy their local culture and meet new people.

Treasure hunting is easy and can be done by anyone. Since the invention of the metal detector, it no longer has to be difficult, aggravating or dangerous. Just imagine visiting the beach and taking a leisurely stroll with your metal detector and coming across a gold nugget that was part of a lost pirate treasure. You would be the envy of the metal detecting community as well as your friends and family.

Are you ready to join the growing hobby of metal detecting and find some lost treasures? Trust us; it’s worth it. To get started choose your treasure below.

Welcome To Metal Detector Advice

We are delighted that you have decided to check out our site about metal detecting. We are avid metal detecting enthusiasts and we want to help you enjoy this exciting hobby too. From trial and error, we have learned many tips and tricks that we will share to help you along your journey.


Why Metal Detector Advice?

Knowing that there are other enthusiasts out there I wanted to create a site for all of you. Over the years I have learned many things, and I wanted to share this information with others.

What good is having the knowledge and not passing it along to others? By being able to share the things that we have learned we hope that we can help others enjoy the hobby as much as we do.


Getting the Most Out of Metal Detector Advice

  • Beginner to Metal Detecting

Our site has many different features, but if you are new to the hobby of metal detecting we suggest that you start by reading the section on how to use your metal detector. Be patient when you are learning and don’t try to find the biggest treasures right away.

By providing you with all of this information we are hoping that you will grow your knowledge of metal detecting and be able to enjoy the hobby to its fullest.


  • Getting Started

Once you have learned how to use your metal detector it is time to start treasure hunting. On our site, you will be able to find tips on how to properly search as well as the best places to explore from parks to the beach and even underwater.

It’s important to have fun and be responsible. Once you get started in metal detecting, you will never be the same. Finding lost gold, relics and coins is an adrenaline rush that is a lot of fun and highly addictive.


Metal Detecting Techniques

So, you have chosen to take up metal detecting. It’s now important to learn the proper way to use your equipment, so you can get the best results. You can find information on using your metal detector and making proper sweeps on our How To Use a Metal Detector page.


Metal Detector Accessories

Now that you have purchased the finest metal detector, you need to have the best metal detecting accessories. By investing in these accessories you can be confident knowing that you are not going to miss anything of value due to sub-standard equipment.

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